Total Feeding Solution

Founded in 1972 by Mr. M.M. Korgaonkar & Mr. Chandwani and was known as a Vibro Techniques at I. B. Patel Road, Goregaon (East), for nearly thirty years. During this period Mr. M.M. Korgaonkar enriched his knowledge and became proficient in vibration technology, manufacturing of bowl feeders linear feeders, vibrating tables, impact type vibrators, etc. He made many innovating arrangements in orientations of odd components. In 2009 entire staff of Vibro Techniques including Engineers, Supervisors, skilled and unskilled workers, and office staff, has joined Vibro Equipments at Vasai East.


Who We Are

Vibro Equipments is a leading manufacturer changing the world of vibration technologies with the latest energy saving vibration technologies. Vibro Equipments continually wins the industry’s appraisals for various vibration equipment and unique product designs. Vibro Equipments products are proven in catering Food, Glass, Breweries, Ceramics, Electronics, Plastics, Petrochemicals, Electrical and Pharmaceutical Industries worldwide. Our extensive product portfolio includes Electromagnetic Bowl Feeders, Impact Type Vibrators, Linear Feeders, Vibrating Tables and other vibration technologies and controls.



The mission of Vibro Equipments is to be the leading provider of high-quality vibration technology equipment and systems to industry and markets. We strive to deliver consistently superior quality products to our customers and their clients. This commitment leads to continuously improving our products and processes. Vibro Equipments offers an exceptionally strong portfolio of quality products, encompassing a comprehensive selection to meet a wide variety of vibration technology applications and equipment. At the core of our new product development is the commitment to utilize the very latest vibration technology and techniques.



Vibro Equipments is committed to “Customer First” attitude and provide superior service in fulfilling customer needs. The company is committed to provide outstanding service before and after the sale and take pride in maintaining a long-term relationship with customers. Vibro Equipments is focused on providing information and assistance whenever needed. Simply put, Vibro Equipments strives to be easy to do business with. At Vibro Equipments our people apply their vibration technology experience and expertise to enhance the overall customer experience. Combining that capability with the strength of our product line and expert agency sales force, you can count on Vibro Equipments and our team to support you for all your vibration technology needs.


Bowl Feeder

Vibration technology for sorting, packaging, etc. has been revolutionary for the automation industry. With the advent of new technologies, man has mastered the art of creating and controlling vibrations. In our design of the vibrating bowl feeder, the vibrations are created such that the components placed on the bowl which is fixed to the vibrating unit gain movement and with various rejection techniques get sorted and oriented as desired. The process of orienting is very useful on an assembly line and automatic operations, as no manual labor is employed for the feeding of components. At “Vibro Equipments” we have over 45 year’s experience manufacturing various designs of vibrating equipment. We manufacture bowl feeder from a small 200mm diameter bowl to 1000mm in M.S. or S.S.304/316 construction. Each bowl is designed and manufactured according to the need of customer to give proper orientation and trouble-free service. The Bowl feeder works on D. C. Pulsating supply obtained from converting 230V AC single phase by use of thyristor circuit. Each unit is supplied with a control panel to supply D.C. power to the vibrator and control the feed rate. As the supply frequency is 50 Hz, the bowl feeder operates at 3000 vibrations per minute at 1.5mm amplitude (maximum), which can be varied from zero to full.