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Vibratory Table

Principle Of Operation

An electromagnetic vibrating table consists of a solid base plate and a vibrating top. The top platform vibrates at 3000 vibrations per minute through an electromagnet housed inside. Each table is supplied with a control panel, which supplies pulsating current to the electromagnet and also controls the amplitude of vibration. Control panel operates on 230 V.A.C. single phase Used for packing of products. Testing of welding joints. Eliminating vords in molded parts. Achieving uniformity in ceramic molded parts.


Vibrating table is very useful in several industries.

For testing of welded joints in the automobile industry.

For testing of delicate joints in the electronics industry.

For effective packing of fluffy and difficult to handle powder in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry.

For proper flow of powder in dies and molds to get perfect molded parts.


Vibrating tables are manufactured in different sizes and load conditions asunder...

Maximum Loading
25 Kgs
50 Kgs
100 Kgs
200 Kgs
300 Kgs